The Austrian Association of Prefabricated Building Manufacturers (ÖFV)

The Austrian Association of Prefabricated Building Manufacturers has been established in 1979. It is an independent quality community. Only companies that fulfil the guidelines and obligations will be admitted.

In order to maintain high standards, the members’ work on the construction site as well as at the factory is checked every two years by a state-approved testing institute. These checks are arranged in compliance with the latest state-of-the-art standard specifications and guidelines. It is based on the quality guideline “Fertighaus” which must be handed in to Quality Austria and must be approved by the Austrian ministry of economics.

Only members of the ÖFV are allowed to use the certification mark of prefabricated houses. Currently it is the only Austrian quality sign that is valid for a complete building.

Scientific Ssudies commissioned by the ÖFV and its members generate innovations in the technical sector and better building materials, which allow to offer state-of-the-art homes to prospective clients.