About premanufactured houses
Wooden premanufactured houses are energy-saving homes
More and more house builders decide for a wooden premanufactured house. There are various reasons, supporting such a decision, since modern premanufactured houses have several advantages compared to conventional house building. Its industrial prefabrication makes it easier to plan and carry out the building project: A fact, that guarantees high quality, shortens the construction time and saves money. Your dream house can be planned individually - thanks to modern computer- and construction-technologies. As a result of their construction method and the construction material “wood”, premanufactured houses above all have an exceptionally high energy-saving potential. Due to long term rising oil- and gas-prices, operating costs of houses gain more and more importance. Under these circumstances an excellent, a whole life long working heat insulation turns out to be the best long-term investment.

High-quality wooden premanufactured houses always prove to be highly energy efficient, as a result of their perfectly working heat insulation. Reasons are a progressive construction, an exact building construction and last but not least the physical qualities of the building material wood. This natural material is extraordinarily capable of insulating heat, which is why wooden houses are highly-demanded within the cold and energy-conscious countries of Scandinavia as same as in many mountainous regions.

House and heating perfectly combined
Within each heating system it is important to thoughtfully co-ordinate all its components. An example: The pipe system should be installed in a way, that guarantees as less pressure loss as possible. Building a premanufactured house means getting the best possible complete solution out of one source, leading to the fact, that there is only as much energy produced as the house is actually in need of. Which energy source is to be called best, can not easily be generalized. In each case the last permissible primary energy need has to be kept. Concerning the overall balance sheet ecological arguments as well as the tenant´s individual behavior of use play as an important role as the question of cost does.

Ready for regenerative energies
Oil and gas are still in great demand. There is nothing wrong with that, since modern boilers achieve high efficiency factors. Nonetheless, house builders should take into consideration to use renewable energies: Solar- and geothermic allow it to be independent of fuels, since they are able to gain heat out of insolation or the ground. Biomass does also offer a great energy-potential for the future: Heating with wood means that only that amount of CO2 is going to be released into the atmosphere, that the tree has absorbed during his growing-period before.